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The Arising of Names In Meditative Prayer

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The Universe, then, can be compared to a body in which many blood vessels supply it with Life. God is the heartbeat of this Universe, or One Verse, and the system of vessels the manifestation of Intelligent Spirit, or Logos (Greek, Reasoned Expression), throughout the organism. This is a reason I capitalize Universe and Kosmos, or Cosmos. Because God is Life, the natural order is an expression of Life and sustained by that Life. And, this Life is Reasonable. God is the Totality; thus, the Truth of all truth and truths. Thus, I remind you, that contemplation is a point-of-experience in which there is no more a demarcation between “spiritual” truth or “secular” truth, for in contemplation the union of Truth finds its totality in God, who is Truth. This means, that when Truth arises in contemplation, it arises from God and is a manifestation of the Thought of God, even though it will take the form in which God seeks to communicate in a way we can “hear.” That is why discernment involves “disrobing” the form of the Word, in seeking to sense the intent or meaning of the revelation.

Therefore, Reasonable Love is the Nature of God and permeates the Creation, and this Reasonable Love is Truth. What I call immediate revelation agrees with the teaching that God is personal and in personal relationship with us.


There is a basic sanity, or Truth, existing in all things and all happenings. In Silence, in which we are choosing the Stillness of our particularized, localized, and linear thought, the Thought of God, which is pervasive, non-local, and encompassing, is able to be “heard” by the heart and mind. To use another metaphor, if your particular mind is in communion with the Universal Mind, then, the potential is for some data known within the Universal Mind, connected to every other file in the cosmic computer, to move over some data into your mind-file without your conscious choice. So, it ought not surprise us, if we are practicing Silence, that we would receive “impressions,” “visions,” “images,” or “words” that are transmissions, or impartations, of universal Reason, or Word. To use traditional language, here I am speaking to the theological category called the Omniscience of God, and this is supported by the tradition of Wisdom found in the Old Testament and the Word in the New Testament.

Likewise, I mention the temptation to take fully the apparent support of modern physics to what I am teaching. Physics often is simply another form of flat land; that is, a reducing of the depth of God to the workings of energy, which can come across as simply another form of deconstructive materialism. This is like the scientists who reduce thought to brain waves, rather than seeing thought as the source of brain waves. And, then, we can ask: Where is the source, or Source, of the thought? See, we move from depth to deeper-more embracing depth, trusting there is a Causeless Cause, even though such a concept is foreign to our everyday thinking.


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