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The Return

Games with the Sun

Nov 30, 2015


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs

Woman at the beach Theyyam ceremony - India

Silence, a cloudless Sky,
So much brighter
Reflections of Light
dancing on the water of night
leaping through the eyes of day
“Is God here?”

A candle vanishes in the Flame
Names effaced off sacred page
One burning burns the midnight
Another, still One, consumes ablaze the noon
Virgin space does confound the offspring of sound

Life by words
Pale ghosts they come to haunt or
burn down the prison of thought
Make captive every faith to free the shadowy guests
Shout "Hallelujah!"~now, hush! tongue be still!

Some presence slithered across the ground
I laughed~Without saying I spoke
"You're not there"
Then an angel kiss did descend upon my lips
arms enclosed my body warmly with Delight
and with upward look, quiet and glad, and free,
a whisper “Thanks” for the shedding of the skin

And, so, was I returned to the Tree of Life
In a Garden watered by Love
In a Heaven where God and I One

Now forget these words
And go have fun with the Sun
There are games
to play in a Place
beyond every belief

*Arem Nahariim-Samadhi


* * *

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You


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