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The Unspoken Truth

Nov 10, 2016


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Some things are too clear to be understood, and what you think is your understanding is only a kind of charm, a kind of incantation in your mind concerning that thing.

*Thomas Merton

* * *

Spiritually, to see clearly is not to see, or to see that you do not see. This non-seeing is seeing in a manner unknown to the workings of mind. There arises the intuiting of Truth in and among the concrete realities of everyday life: life becomes the poem of Life, full of rich metaphor, both unveiling and, thereby, veiling. The Absolute, then, shines through the ordinariness of the details of nature and your and my, and our, experience. Insight into the ancient Christian blessing, found in the Christian Gospels and placed as words of Jesus, comes forth, "Blessed are the pure in heart, because they shall see God." To say that some things are too clear to be understood means just this, therefore, that Truth cannot be understood. And, in this fact, lies the failure of all claims to ultimate knowledge in human words, creeds, and Scriptures, as well as the need for Silence in our devotion. Truth shines through all things, but only those led to release the demands of the mind for understanding see "God" clearly and unfailingly. This means, many in religion may claim to see and, so, do not see "God," while some who claim no religion and no seeing truly see and know "God." The less I understand, then, the more I know, but not in any way I could say or anyone could say. Truth remains unspoken, yet always present.

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