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Surprise!... Love shows up

Oct 29, 2022

If one small leaf upon a tree be worthy of your love how much more so the tree in its entirety?

*Mikhail Naimy. The Book of Mirdad.

Daphne Rose Kingma, poet, psychotherapist, and teacher of relationships, tells, in "The Atmosphere of Love," of an experience in Hawaii. She was weary after a huge fire in her house and was lying on the beach. She did not want to have conversation with anyone.

A little girl with a pinwheel came to her. The little girl asked, "Can I sing you a song?" The girl sang a beautiful song about friendship. The final line was, "So I'm singing you this song, and I want to be your friend, will you be my friend, too?"

Daphne wrote...

It was an absolutely exquisite gift. I will never see her again, I don't know her name, but we had an experience of deep connectedness and true love in that moment on the beach. There are hundreds of these moments in life that are so tiny that they don't register on this chart that we've all built about what love is. We think love has to look a certain way, have a certain outcome. But we're constantly gifted with such moments, experiences that are just breathtaking in their purity and their absolutely consecrated perfection.

* * *

Love does show up and in many guises. The question is, "Are we awake when it does show up?"

What is love to you? What are ways love shows up in your life? Has it appeared in ways surprising to you? Astounding to you? You did not think it possible for you, but possible for others? How might you be more welcoming for these appearances? Aware of when these moments happen?

May all beings be loved
May they feel loved
May they enjoy sharing love
May no one feel unloved

* * *

*©Brian K. Wilcox, 2022.

*Brian used Daphne Rose Kingma's quote in "The Atmosphere of Love" in the past and does not have recall of the source it was part of.

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