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Transforming of Criticism

Turning Evil Against You to Good for You

Oct 30, 2005

Saying For Today: Rather, she who attempts great things can succeed only amidst criticism.

Colonel George Washington Goethals was the man responsible for the completion of the Panama Canal. He faced big challenges with the climate and geography. There was growing criticism against him, from many who predicted that he would never finish the project. A colleague asked him, “Aren’t you gong to answer these critics?” Goethals replied, “In time.” The colleague asked, "When?” Goethals responded, “When the canal is finished.”

Success, generally, does not arise free of criticism. Rather, she who attempts great things can succeed only amidst criticism. Many are those who do little but gladly casts castigations against the person who is sincerely and ardently trying, for there are many small-minded persons for any one such ardent and passionate worker. Small-minded persons have to belittle the other person to make themselves feel important, to make themselves noticed by other small-minded persons. But, for the ardent, faithful worker, and among all the visionary, the passion she has for her work must make the criticism pale in significance to the grandeur and joy of the work. Indeed, it might be that such a person is stimulated onward by the very criticisms that are meant to discourage her from continuing to try.

Spiritual Exercise
Can you be grateful for criticism against you, in your efforts to do well?

“My companion, I was criticized often, but I was undeterred, for I came to do the will of the One who sent me. Now, I send you. You, too, will be criticized; however, I will turn those very criticisms meant to harm you for your good. When you are criticized, rejoice. In rejoicing you are responding with positive energy, and that very response will help you remain free of the negativity around you. Trust me. I will prove my faithfulness in turning what is meant for evil into good. I love you. And, remember, when the going gets tough and you feel all alone, just stop and let me love you.”
Your Friend,

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