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Waving at passersby

Yes that simple

Oct 17, 2022

A Change of Colors (2)

A Change of Colors (2)

Damariscotta, Maine

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When you separate the physical from the spiritual, you've cut right through the entire universe... and yourself, too. Yet, no separation can occur - the universe remains the universe, as before. Even if you keep cutting and separating, nothing is cut or is separated, not even you.

The Question

The Sage accepted an invitation to speak to an interfaith group. He agreed on one condition - one question would be the topic. Additional questions would have to relate directly to the one question.

The Sage entered the room, stated his acceptance condition, and invited a question. The group presented one it had agreed upon in advance.

The group leader asked, "What's it like to live a spiritually enlightened life?" The Sage replied, "Earlier today, I was walking down the mountain, then back up. Many vehicles passed by. I'd never met any of the people in the trucks and cars. I waved to them."

Another person asked, "Is it that simple?" The Sage said, "Yes, but everything depends on where you're waving from. I used to wave at passersby. Now, I wave at passersby."

Amid befuddled looks, another person inquired, "And could you tell us what you mean by 'where you're waving from'?" Said the Sage, "When you see within and without, the answer will appear to you." Attendees looked confused.

Someone else asked, "And what do you mean that you used to wave at passersby, and now you do, too?" "When," said the Sage, "the answer appears to you, this will, also." The confusion was apparent, still.

No one asked any more questions, though the meeting had just begun. The Sage was glad. On his way out, he waved, smiling a big smile.

Now, listening to the above story, "What do you hear?"

*Brian K. Wilcox. "Meetings with an Anonymous Sage."

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