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Patience-Perseverance-Arising from Spirit Within

Weekly Contemplative Worship Experience

Oct 3, 2010

Welcome to OneLife Ministries, an online ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox Ministries. This site is designed to lead you prayerfully into a heart experience of Divine Presence, Who is Love. I hope persons of varied wisdom paths will find inspiration here.

Brian Kenneth Wilcox

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Our relationship with the Divine is a Falling in Love, Again and Again. When drawing near to Love, we draw close to all the Energies of Grace that bring out the naturalness of Spirit-qualities, like patience and perseverance, that are intrinsic to the Being of the Divine Beloved. Drawing near to the One, we become more like the One in our feelings. To surrender to G-D is to welcome Infinite Affection. Here is Andrea Bocelli, accompanied by Kurt Browning skating to " Can't Help Falling in Love."

*Andrea Bocelli. “Can't Help Falling in Love.”


Today, I invite you to relax, breathe deeply, close your eyes, and enter into the Quiet of Silent Prayer, Meditation. Enjoy a while in this Silence. For those who like music as background during your Quiet, I give the video below. I recommend below a mantra, or prayer-word, or invocation; however, feel free to enjoy the Silence however you choose.
Breathing in: Come
Breathing out: holy Spirit


One of my favorite songs, for the passion expressed and the teaching that the spiritual Path is an adventure and exploration into the Mystery of the One; that to follow the Inner Christ is to explore the very Heart of G-D. Likewise, to have a spiritual relationship with another person is to explore his or her Mystery, and invite the other to explore the Mystery alive within you. How exciting! This is, indeed, the mystical, or contemplative, Path.

*Phil Wickham. “Mystery.”


Prayer requests can be posted at Sanctum of Prayer, on Facebook, or sent to Brian at the listed email above. Time will be devoted to the request in loving faith.

Hold in prayer audibly or in silence intercessions for persons and needs, petitions for yourself, and thanksgiving and praise. End the time with Prayerful Silence.


"This is what it means to be held ... This is what it is to be loved ... when everything failed, we'd be held ...." We are always Held, never Alone; we can open the Heart to the Heart of Love in any moment, any place, and Grace will meet us with courage, comfort, and strength to embrace true Hope. Part of our contemplative Path is to reach out and hold others too, persons who need to feel the warmth of an embrace, even in Silence saying, "G-D, and I, hold you. You are held."

*Natilie Grant. “Held.”


The fruit of the Spirit is ... patience-perseverance....

Galatians 5.22



Brian Kenneth Wilcox, Chaplain, MDIV, MFT, PHD


I encourage you to end the service with prayerful reflections on Patience and Perseverance, and enjoyment of Silence. I urge you to make some resolution to apply our theme for today to your life. See below for music to accompany the practice, if you wish to use it.

*Paul Collier. "Air."

Blessings to all who shared with us in the Worship experience, and blessings to everyone, and all Nature. Amen.


Brian Kenneth Wilcox

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