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Beauty Itself... The Supernal Rose ~ Poem

Jan 6, 2020

a love for all seasons

Sometimes, like a voice that can feel the song, but cannot sing the words. Sometimes, eyes like rain clouds that cannot shed tears. Yes, sometimes, one feels the love she cannot give, but at least she feels it, and one day will.

* * *

Something from the Sky,
From another World, I know not where,
Only that such a loss and gain, Its gift to me, cannot come
From here, where I had known much loss without Its gain;
This Something, maybe Someone-words fail me-,
feeling, but beyond feeling, too,
insight, but beyond insight, too,
more like poetry than prose,
more like dancing than walking,
unlike all I had known or know
And I found myself, suddenly, in an unfamiliar Place.

I could only surmise Something, or Someone, stealthily led me Here.
That Such wooed me with wordless desire,
Slyly sneaking past mind and through heart
with tenderness and grace.
Without faith, and the desire that filled faith with such ardent longing,
I would have quickly fled from this lighted dark,
Which at first appeared to be only a moonless night
Whispering of some promise; but I wanted this vow,
So much I moved on.

My mind could not grasp this hope
But my heart was captured like an eagle swooping
upon its prey, but I a prey willing, and this
Something, maybe Someone, bearing life.
Something, maybe Someone, I know not this past knowing-O blessed Knowing!-,
Lighted upon my eyes and from there
Some gentle Breeze-for such as This, I found, is the most gentle of All hidden
influences upon the heart-
Planted this Sensation in me past seeing

Blinded was I, so dark was this working of Someone, or Something,
So close to me, I could neither see It nor touch It,
And I lost my way, lost myself; I died-
and yesterday and tomorrow were no more-
To all I had known and felt, was imparted in its place the
Most sublime Sensation known among all creatures anywhere.

The best I can say of This is
It must be True Love:
But even that fails to express This Feeling in me.

And from a Hand, like water from a roof, something flowed
I heard a joyful spattering upon the hard ground-my heart-,
And from this showering sprang an image of that Something, or Someone-
And One did speak, One more beautiful than all, Beauty Itself,
What do you see? And I said,
"I know not, Beauty, I know not. Please, tell me what draws me
to this I know not?"
And this Beauty beyond beauty, gently spoke, upon touching
my eyes with hands of pure Light, "Now, what do you See?"

Then I saw the Supernal Rose, and I heard that Something, or Someone,
whisper to me, not in my ears, but to my heart, "I am Love."
And, then, I knew, and I was set free
By that Something, or Someone-I call it Love-
That planted Its likeness
and breathes Itself inside me.

*Brian K. Wilcox, "The Supernal Rose".

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(C)brian k wilcox, 2020


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