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Spontaneous and Intimate Knowing

Resting in Love

Feb 23, 2014

Saying For Today: Here, at this threshold, is where the mind rejoices to find its relief and bliss in Love.


An Interspiritual-Interfaith Work
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Brian K. Wilcox, a vowed, eremitic Contemplative, offers an interspiritual work focusing on cultivating the Heart of Compassion. He integrates wisdom from the major spiritual Paths. To contact Brian, see the email address at the conclusion of this presentation. May you always know that you are blessed!

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Buddhists sometimes say, "The one who knows remains silent." A Buddhist understanding of this Knowing is not, however, knowing about.

Knowing about keeps the subject-object duality, or separation, in place. Rather, the Buddhists, like the tradition of Contemplation in the Christian tradition, teach Knowing that is beyond, yet underlying, the subject-object sense.

To know about you and to know you, these are different processes of Consciousness, or Oneness, the first derivative and the second primary. I, then, come to know you, without relying on a sense of knowing about you, for Knowing is a prior Connection apart from the arising of particularity. This Connection has been referred to, in practical terms, as Choiceless Awareness. The Christian Bible has Jesus referring to God, saying, "He sends his rain on the just and unjust." The immediacy of this all-embracing, un-conditioned Knowing may occur even without any knowing about and will often when the discriminative, separative ego surrenders to be initiated into non-particular, non-particularizing Presence.

Here, in Knowing, the mind meets its limits of knowing about and surrenders to the Ground of knowing about. One does not lose the power and usefulness of the mind. Mystical paths teach the mind, for it seeks continual control of Reality, undergoes a death, not an annihilation. This dying is an initiation into what we could refer to as Mystery, Grace, God, Love, ... Now, thought becomes the servant of the Presence of Grace.

This Awareness is not absent of thought, such as, thoughtless, but mind finds its Home in the Heart. Mind does not cease; rather, ironically, ego, or selfness, finds its deepest Longing was to return to the Heart and find Rest There in Love. This is even apart from thoughts or feelings of Love, which, again, are derivative of Love, not primary.

Mind is essential to lead itself, as an expression of the Heart, back into contentment in Knowing. Then, the workings of mind, having been led into this natural, intimate Knowing, operates effortlessly, spontaneously as arising within this Grace and according to its true operation in the Order of Nature.

For mind to be free of its sense of control, the mind can only lead itself to the threshold of Knowing. Knowing, which is the Immediacy of Grace Itself radiating outward into intimate Knowing of created things, frees the mind. Here, at this threshold, is where the mind rejoices to find its relief and bliss in Love.

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

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