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In the Silence

Effortlessly at Rest

Sep 18, 2012


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Living in Love beyond Beliefs

Saraswati, the River of Enlightenment (Magh Mela) © Tom Carter India Travel Photos

*Saraswati, the River of Enlightenment (Magh Mela),
© Tom Carter India Photos by India Photography, Flickr

It is raining and you can hear the pattern of the drops. You can hear it with your ears, or you can hear it out of that deep silence. If you hear it with complete silence of the mind, then the beauty of it is such that cannot be put into words or onto canvas, because that beauty is something beyond self-expression.

*Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sweet Silence... Here, Now

The following is a tale from the ca. 4th Century, Chinese, Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu:

A man did not like his shadow or footsteps. He decided to rid himself of both. He began running to get away from them. His shadow and footsteps kept pace. He ran faster. This did not avail, either. In fact, he ran himself to death. All he had to do was stop running, go over under a tree, and sit in its shade. If he had done this, gone would have been his shadow and footprints.

* * *

Be Silent...
Breathe in "LOVE"...
Breathe out "JOY"...
Breathe in "PEACE"...
Breathe out, smiling, "THANK YOU"...

Arati Evening Worship (Kumbh Mela) © Tom Carter Photos of India

*Arati Evening Worship (Kumbh Mela),
© Tom Carter Photos of India by India Photography, Flickr

* * *

Find that place
which is effortlessly
at rest within itself.
Be there—be One with That.


Märkisch Oderland 14

*Märkisch Oderland 14, EDE STEIN, Flickr

* * *

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

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