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'God' expressing 'God'

Sep 12, 2016


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God expresses God, and that expression is you.

*Joel S. Goldsmith. The Art of Spiritual Healing.

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Part of returning Home, Now, is realization that you have lived a mistaken identity. I said mistaken, for not wrong necessarily. We have provisional, or relative, identities part of functioning in this relative world. Yet, there is an identity one with the Source, our absolute identity in the Absolute, our union with the Source. And in this union we are all one, for only Oneness can exist immediately in the One. We together are the intimacy within God, as God, while the Word did and is always becoming particularized flesh, or individual expressions of Life.

Our relative senses of self, which may be many, are social constructs and have no lasting quality whatsoever. So, preparing for physical death is a death of the sense of absoluteness of these identities, not the refusal to employ these identities as instruments of Grace. We need to let them die, in the sense of being seen as having no substance, only function, and they will all die anyway - So, why not go on and get it over with?.

This means, as Joel S. Goldsmith, and many sages have taught, God expresses God as you and me. This implies that who I am essentially is Godly, or Godness. This does not necessarily imply an absolute identity with all God is, but I have written on this matter at length over the years, and many times, and have no wish to entertain the matter here, possibly never again. For now, I say, all from God expresses God, for nothing expressed by God is other than from God and, so, cannot be separate from God. However, only God expresses directly God, all other expressions are mediated ones.

And, so, in union with God, I can claim nothing of God through me is of me, except as I am in God and of God. That God expresses God means only God expresses God; so that is the purpose of my life, for Grace to express Grace through me as an expression of Grace. Then, likewise, my spiritual practices, whatever they be, are to reflect this truth, as my whole life is to do so.

So, I, in myself, cannot claim to do or say anything Godly or in any way to express God. This humbles me, but empowers me to relax and trust in the efficacy of God to work in and through me as God and for God. I am only as an instrument through which Grace plays Its song, and the song is Grace.

As to life and work being the living and working of God, the question more important is not, "What am I going to do?," but "What is God doing?" And not, "How shall I express God?," but "How is God expressing God?" And not, "How will I glorify God?," but "How is God glorifying God?" With God, what shall be, is, and is not merely to be, for what God does is happening, now, which is to say God is expressing God always and only now. There absolute tense being, for God is, is that God is doing, God is happening. God is being as happening among us, and we are invited, through surrender, into the grace of sharing in that; yet, God, being God, neither is added to nor lessened by what we do or do not do. That is, God does not need anything to be God and express God, even as in God I, too, am free of the need to be or express God, and any expression of God is from surrender as a being in the Being of God.

I am the witness of that Work, that Living, being drawn silently into this silent Now, and can be grateful at the gracefulness and power of Grace. This happens as I realize my being-in-God being expressed by God, not my self in my self, and certainly not in my self expressing myself. God speaks in and through me, not first as a voice, but as God expressing God, God being the Word Itself being "spoken" and with no needed outcome . . . God being the fruition of God - possibly, these matters are intimated in the Christian teaching of Jesus as the incarnation of the Word, and one with God, even in God the Father, even as they are intimated in the universal wisdom to be quiet and engage often in times of silence alone, even if the alone means surrounded by others engaging the same act of silent aloneness.


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Grace and Peace to All

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

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