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Just Being Playful

Walking on Sunshine

Sep 12, 2015


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


There is a Naughty Playful Child hiding within every Grownup

* * *

Reflecting on a recent experience with a patient and a poem I wrote about an experience with her, I realized later how playful was the communion she and I shared, how playful the verses I wrote to honor her and that ineffable sharing prior to the demise of her body. Then, it appeared how much levity much of my apparently serious poetry seeks to share, even erotic playfulness. Amazing how seriousness can be clothed in levity, even a paradoxical jocularity, and what some might see as tasteful irreverence. This is what makes some writers like Rumi and Hafez and Anthony DeMello so well-liked, I think - a subtle to pronounced levity about "God." Even in Silence one can sense and enjoy this playfulness, this joyful dance of Life, if one allows himself or herself to sink into, feel into the Stillness. Silence dances, plays.

Some persons likely look at some of the music I select for this "spiritual" site and wonder "What?" and sometimes "What?!" Yet, again, to integrate "serious" with "playful" is a powerful expression of Grace, Grace integrating subtle energies into an inexplicable harmony.

* * *

Spirit is seriously playful, or playfully serious. Spirit integrates and harmonizes the duality of serious and playful into a beautiful harmony. Grace adds a light touch to the experience of Life and sharing with others.

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The uncovered truth

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