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A Love Like That

loves witnessing to Love

Sep 11, 2020

A Sunny Spirit

'A Sunny Spirit'

there is a life
there is a death
let's meet there
no way
just say "Yes"
and see
the treasure you sought already
resting inside your hands
now, who in her right mind
could say "No"
to a love like that

* * *

The Divine Love, unlike the human, is deep and vast and silent; one must become quiet and wide to be aware of it and reply to it. He must make it his whole object to be surrendered so that he may become a vessel and instrument - leaving it to the Divine Wisdom and Love to fill him with what is needed. [One] must be prepared to wait and persevere and make his whole life an aspiration and an opening for the one thing only, the Divine.

*Sri Aurobindo. Integral Yoga.

* * *

Divine Love manifests to meet us where we are and take us beyond where we are. We are developmental beings, for the soul has taken on this human journey: soul is a reflection of Spirit embodied in form. And all love is Divine Love relatively, in that the lesser loves rest on Spirit, who is love absolutely, drawing us to Itself through the lesser loves. Hence, any love, even the most limited, is a witness to the supernal Life.

* * *

*(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2020

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