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Finger and Moon

The Spirit of the Path

Sep 2, 2010

Welcome to OneLife Ministries, an online ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox Ministries. This site is designed to lead you prayerfully into a heart experience of Divine Presence, Who is Love. I hope persons of varied wisdom paths will find inspiration here.

Brian Kenneth Wilcox
MDiv, MFT, PhD
Interspiritual Teacher, Author, Chaplain

You are invited to join Brian at his groups on Facebook : Sanctum of Prayer; Love & Light – Brian Kenneth Wilcox Ministries; Christian Spirituality – The Way of the Heart; John of the Cross – His Love Mysticism for Today; OneLife Ministries – Weekly Contemplative Worship Experience. Brian is on YouTube with videos pertaining to spirituality – his channel is Brian Kenneth Wilcox -, and on Tweeter. For details or booking of events, you can contact Brian at briankwilcox@yahoo.com .

Entering the Inner Sanctuary

Enter this sanctuary time by settling down, becoming quiet, and breathing deeply some breaths. Remind yourself you are in the Presence of Love. This place you are entering, within, is the inner Temple, where you are One with God. You may wish to use a mantra, or prayer phrase, follow the breathing in-and-out, or witness the arising and falling of all around you as the manifestation of universal-Spirit. Enjoy these moments of quietly settling and come out when you are ready.

Spiritual Teaching

If I wish to build a house, I do not just read about it or let others tell me about it - I have to use the tools designed to build it. If I want to cooperate with Grace in building up myself in the Spirit of Grace, I must use the tools designed for that - these tools are Means of Grace. Spirituality is practical, not merely idealistic. No one becomes spiritual by adoption into a path; we are and become spiritual beings by engagement with real-life means.

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox. “Finger and Moon-The Spirit of the Path”


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Brian Kenneth Wilcox

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*OneLife Ministries is a ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox, SW Florida. Brian lives a vowed life, as an Associate of Greenbough House of Prayer. He lives with his two doggie friends, Bandit Ty and St. Francis and serves as writer, spiritual director-coach, teacher, and jail Chaplain.

*You can order his book An Ache for Union from major booksellers.


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