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God Opened Like A Flower ~ Poem

Wine Falling from the Sky

Jul 26, 2020

Clematis Viticella ~ 1

Brian Wilcox 'Clematis Viticella ~ 1'

"God" opened like a flower ...
Do you hear the Silence?
See this Brightness?
You have a Face
unable to be put in
a picture frame
A sweet scent fills a Place ...
perfume that was before the bottle
Every sanctuary's windows
open outward to Mystery!
"Go There!"
The words of Holy Scripture
dissolve in Rapturous Bliss
Someone yelled out a name
before there existed a religion
"That is This!
That is This! Awaken!"
Fly like a bird
Wind be your guide
There is an expanse
the Beloved waits for you there
for the Sun kisses your wings ...
"Fly, smiling with delight!"
The day is the bread
The night is the wine
Disdain every cage
confining spirit
The way that led to burial in the Jordan waters
is the way that arises in the Resurrection garden
There is a Word
laughing at every word
Let the Fire within you consume
the box in which you tried to contain Mystery
Welcome every entrance
into this Bliss!
Someone said, "Brian, how do you know when you are There?"
"When," I spoke, "I know only Love."
Do I sound foolish? ~ then
"Hallelujah! Amen."
Do you think getting Here is hard?
No way. "Relax!"
Watch the Light pierce the darkness
while you exclaim, "Wow!"

* * *

In the dissolution of "God," what remains? You cannot say, no one has. Silence says, "Nothing." Yet, what a wonderful absence - some call it Love. The whole world comes out of it. If it were not Nothing, what could be?

* * *

One asked the Sage -

You seem to live so close to God. How do you know God so well?

I don't.

But it seems you do.

I didn't say I didn't.

I just wanted to know how you know God so well.

I drink Wine that falls out of the Sky.

* * *

(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2020


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