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The Look ~ That Beyond The Taste

Jul 13, 2020

Pink Hollyhock

Brian Wilcox 'Pink Hollyhock'

God's first language is Silence. Everything else is a poor translation. In order to understand this language, we must learn to be silent and to rest in God.

*Thomas Keating. Invitation to Love.

Rest in the Lord,
patiently wait for God.

*Psalm 37.7

* * *

In the Silence, I find myself looking for Nothing;
then even that look ceases to look.
And where are You?
You Whom I sought have disappeared.
Since You are Nowhere,
now I cannot find You anywhere.
Since this last look has dissolved in You,
I see, and the seeing is You -
Where do I end? You begin?
Neither in nor out - speechless! ... ecstasy -
mind quiet, silence is seen no more.
And the motions of Your Love inarticulate
moves over and through me as You - as me?
No separation, You and I, and Here, Love, sweet Love,
sinks into the Nothingness of Bliss beyond my taste.
So, Love, most generous Love, if no You and no me,
from where do these words arise? Why? Who to whom?
And somehow - I know not how - I find
I am still here.

As a Christian sage said long ago,
(now I know, for I have seen)

"We look upon that we are,
and we are that we look upon."

Those whose love has become Love,
they will know of what we speak.

* * *

In the mystic way, reality is neither seized nor deciphered. Nor can it be committed to ideational formation. Instead, it is engaged delicately, knowingly, and passionately. It is engaged by being loved.

*Walter Holden Capps & Wendy M. Wright, Ed. Silent Fire.

* * *

(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2020

*Christian sage from long ago is a Flemish mystic, John Ruysbroeck (d. 1381). Quote from Evelyn Underhill. Mysticism.


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