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The Look Everyone Seeks

behind One veil

Mar 5, 2017

Saying For Today: No longer looking at the Horizon/I stand alone at that meeting Place.


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs


The shift from fear to love is a miracle. The return to love is not the end of life's adventure, but the beginning. It's the return to who you really are.

*Marianne Williamson. A Return to Love.

The Look Everyone Seeks

This oven is hot!
Thank the Beloved!

For too long my heart has cried:
“There’s got to be more!”

So, you Master of dis-ease,
Are boiling me in the heat of Grace.

Closed door, my
Opening to You!

Spiritual practice the alchemy for
Resurrecting a fiery Presence.

No longer looking at the Horizon
I stand alone at that meeting Place.

Fire of Love!

You, finally, got me.
“Brian, I sure did, and I’ll get you more.”

I see my longing smiling, crying,
In Your eyes ~ You’ve drawn me that close to You ~ …

The church in my mind
Lighting! Fire! … Gone!

There is a sanctuary of the Heart, and
I have become Your living sacrifice.

Now, nothing between
Your lips and my lips, My Love.

Surprise! Your heart opened,
What did I see?

Wow! My face looking back
At Your Face in me.

People talk of falling in love.
I did! Now, there is no one to fall.

The one living in the Ocean
No longer sails the Sea.

You touched me somewhere on my body
With just the tip of your little finger and

Light blazed forth from a Sinai inside ~
I touched the mount, and all my-self disappeared inside You.

Someone lifted the Law and the Voice of
Grace shattered it into a thousand pieces.

From the pieces grew a Flower:
I call it Love.

Behind One veil is, the look
Everyone seeks.

Go behind the veil or you’ll always be
Trying to make love to an illusion.

*Brian K. Wilcox. June 20, 2007.


* * *

©Brian Kenneth Wilcox 2017. Brian is a Hospice Chaplain, living out his vow to serve all living beings by serving those preparing to die and their friends and family. Brian lives a vowed life, alone in a quasi-hermitic life, and integrates varied religions, but most especially the contemplative paths of Buddhism and his native faith, Christianity. Brian received a 'mystical' Christ-experience at age 9, and was introduced to a peace untouched by pain and suffering. Later, in his mid-30s, after surviving a dark night of despair, Brian was vowed to a contemplative Christian way of life on St. Matthew's Feast day, 1995, by Greenbough House of Prayer, in Georgia, USA. This began many years of ardent reading, spiritual practice, and exploration of many spiritual paths, including publication of his book An Ache for Union: Poems on Oneness with God through Love. The Journey has led Brian to the joy beyond the ache, a contentment in experiential union with Grace. Brian lives with the affirmation that Love, not as emotion but Divine Presence, transcends all paths of religion and is our Source and Destination. As St. Paul writes in the Christian Bible, "Now remain always, faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love." Peace to All!


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