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Light to Light

Contemplative Initiatory Reflections ~ 7

Jun 4, 2016


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Living in Love beyond Beliefs

In the Light!

* * *

*John 1.4-5

In It was Life, and the Life was the Light of everyone. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome the Light.

* * *

She sits on her bed. I enter. She is smiling a bright smile, glowing with gladness. She is dying, most say. She has cancer, they say. But is that all? Even if true, the whole truth? If so, where comes this radiance through eyes and face? Where arises this vibrancy defying the condition of mind and body? How can someone with cancer in the brain and other parts of body - advanced stage, it is said - be so illumined and beautiful with Light, a Temple no absence or darkness enter?

* * *

Contemplation prepares the "self" to open beyond the veil of appearances to the Aliveness imbuing all creation with Itself. The Aliveness is alive. The one who has seen from within to outside the veil, beyond even insight - or in-seeing, rather than from outside to within, knows intimately this alive Light before and beyond and after all light - all appearances. His or her knowing is not first of, but knowing itself, for the Knowing of the Light by which the Light knows.

This Light that gives birth to light is alive, not merely an abstract, metaphorical, metaphysical, or religious idea. That this Light is not mere light means this Light is both intensely personal and intensely impersonal, for Light is both, both arising, like a dance of two, yet neither one or two but a one and two. Light complements Light, even as all light is in essential harmony with the Light. This Light unspeakable unity! Neither negating the other, each fulfillment of the other, for personal and impersonal are effulgence of Light.

So, the Light fulfills Itself from Itself. And, so is understood how the human organism becomes a sacrament of Grace, even as Jesus. In this is seen the mystery of the words pointing to the Word prior to all createdness, the Word becoming flesh, eternally, and in time as Jesus, "In It was Life, and the Life was the Light of everyone." So, the Word, or Light, or Life, was before time - timeless -, and the human subjected by choice and Grace to that Light becomes, first, directly illumined by the Light and, then, becomes the Light that drew it to Itself. For in Grace, that we are becomes what we are drawn to, and Light draws to Itself to transform into Itself, and, so, reconciliation: light to Light, time to Eternity, death to Life.

This is why deeply spiritual beings manifest the Illumination, ageless, that shines through body, both in health and illness, even death, of body. To live with and into the Light - for union and communion are in harmony in Light - , by the Light, prepares for dying in the Effulgence. He or she has lived from the alive life of the Light. Even death, then, is Light to Light. Death is appearance, not the Life in which death finds no place to be but as Light, even as appearance arises from Light preceding all light. "Cannot overcome," consequently, for Light remains Light, or Light is, in the absence of all appearing in disharmony to Life, and Truth. So, Light is Presence, and death, when seen from the reconciliation within the veil, is seen as merely an appearance, or light, of Light. Finally, Light looks at Itself, from Light. Light enjoys Life, for Light is the Withinness of Joy, even as such Fulfillment brings joyfulness beyond the appearance of happiness or pleasure. She and I, indeed, did enjoy Joy, while the Word, again in time, became flesh - not two fleshes, but one in and through two.

We, one yet two, as two and one, in Harmony became in the one Moment the Light rejoicing in the Light, Light gladdened in Light looking at Light from the Withiness of Light - pure Intimacy. How wonderful! beyond all earthy lights, this living Light, Here always, timelessly. So, that in the Light became, and, so, cannot cease, for that transformed into the Light cannot unbecome, even as Love is the Light and loving arises from the Light.

* * *

...into the light..

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