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The Coming of All Potencies

Spirituality and the Kingdom of the Heavens

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However, first and foremost, the experience must transcend subjectivism. God is that source transcending subjectivism and, also, enclosing within the potential and experience of subjectivity. Therefore, one key to experiencing this Heavens is to ground ourselves in the Divine and, thereby, the witness of the Spirit will manifest in the subjective array of feelings: all the way from awe to love. So, spiritual growth, being grounded in the Divine by grace, is an ongoing process of objective-subjective experience, the objective making possible the subjective ~ even as the pure quality of love apart from feeling makes possible loving feelings.

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*Brian K. Wilcox lives with his wife, Rocio, their two dogs, St. Francis and Bandit Ty, and their fish, Hope, in Southwest Florida. Brian is vowed at Greenbough House of Prayer, a contemplative Christian community in Georgia. He lives a contemplative life and inspires others to experience a deeper relationship with Christ. He advocates for a spiritually-focused Christianity and the renewal of the focus of the Church on addressing the deeper spiritual needs and longings of persons and empathic relating with diverse spiritual traditions, East and West. Brian has an independent writing, workshop, and retreat ministry, for all spiritual seekers.

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