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Led Into All Truth

Contemplative Initiatory Reflections ~ 6

May 22, 2016


All is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

Hermit Tree

*John 16.13

... when that One, the Spirit of Truth, is come, She will lead you into all Truth ...

* * *

To say the Spirit will lead "into all Truth," that is not saying into all truths. Truths would only be right ideas, and these are not Truth, they reflect Truth. Truth flows from Itself truths, truths being like tributaries bearing both substance and likeness to the Ocean, so Truth is prior.

Contemplation refers to a oneness in the Source of Truth, and to be drawn back into that Source is, then, to be led into all Truth, not some Truth. The Source cannot be some, which implies short of Wholeness. And, we do not lead ourselves, we are led, which implies we ready ourselves for the leading. All life is a preparation for this leading, or drawing to and into.

And, this "all Truth" can be understood, all Truth meaning a destination of unveiling that finally leads to complete Truth. However, in the timeless Source, any part of Truth cannot be apart, for apart has to do with time; in the Source of Truth, Who, or That, is Truth, is no division - Oneness being One prior even to one, for the latter implies multiplicity, but One has no two, or other or otherness. Truths pertain to multiplicity, only pointing to one Truth, which is the pure Simplicity. This is a reason we teach that Contemplation pertains to Pure Faith, which is a Knowing prior to object and, so, to belief, for belief always has an object, or direction.

So, to cling to even the best of truthful ideas, even those called spiritual, is to block being drawn into Truth by Truth. We easily, for security, hide within the most wonderful truths; however, any such hiding must yield to being hidden in Truth, for we cannot hide in truths, however true, and Truth, which contains neither right nor wrong, at the same time. I cannot, then, be a believer and a knower; a knower arises from being a believer, not vice versa.

Truths will come to seduce us in many forms, including wonderful new findings in subtle ideas, as we explore more deeply spirituality. The seducing is a sign Truth within is already drawing you to Itself, now through truths, later to surrender them all to "all the Truth." These ideas will be given up to be drawn into Truth. This does not mean we forget what we have come to cherish among truths; rather, the knowing is drawn into the Truth, so we no longer have an attachment to ideas. We may, surely, have to go through a confusing time of adjusting from our spiritual truth to the lovely, pure simplicity of Truth. We may, also, find it somewhat confusing, initially, to live among humans who cling ardently to a wide variety of truths - more so than they are aware. Yet, once we are adjusted to only-Truth, we see that we are not disowning the beauty of truths, we may, indeed, see them as more beautiful, for now we see them through Truth, not in themselves apart from Truth or as pointers to Truth. We, also, appreciate that everyone else is on the same Journey to Truth by Truth, some simply do not know that, some do. Surely, Love will lead us to play among truths with others, so we may love them as lovers of Truth, with us, even while they cling to their truths. Their clinging, we know, reflects the insecurity, sometimes the ignorance, we all have known and know. The Good is seen in that, too. And, the play is seen as the playfulness of Love, which is Truth, transcendent of right and wrong, so able to meet persons where they are within their ideas, without being caught in the ideas or taking the ideas seriously in themselves. This is a reason the contemplative never feels a need to defend the Truth; he or she lives - better, is lived by the Truth. Persons who are religious zealots, out to defend Truth and convert others to Truth, know nothing of what I speak here - or, better, as I trust, She, the Spirit, speaks. For, at best, I, and you, are merely means, but we cannot ourselves source Truth, only Truth can express Truth.

I am here

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