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Fount, Grace & Peace

Contemplative Initiatory Reflections ~ 3

May 4, 2016


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Splash Down

The grasping for peace, arising from a passion for peace, negates the potentiality of peace. The more ardent the seeking, the less potential to receive. Peace, being one in Oneness, or Unicity, of Presence, is one with the motion of Presence manifesting in assorted ways - peace being one. The heart of Contemplation is not merely openness to these effects, including peace, for peace cannot arise from peace, only the Fount of peace. So, openness contemplatively is a bared receptivity to the activity of Grace, with the assorted qualities, arising from the Fount of Grace. So, the desire for peace, while useful to lead us to openness to Grace, is preparatory to our being drawn back into Grace, by Grace, and, then, the Fount of Grace Itself. Grace speaks of the agency whereby peace is effected within us, and this is at one with Grace drawing into the Fount before peace - before all qualities, and all qualities are effects, not the Fount. Grace may well appear to partake of both Cause and effect, for Grace is the immediate action arising from the Fount and connects the Good with effecting all good within and about us. Therefore, peace is a relational quality arising from being drawn back out of self living in self to self living in and as God, or the Fount. So, yes, contemplation speaks of a conscious receptivity to the Giver of peace, and our 'Yes' to the Fount is one with our being drawn back into the Fount and the grace of Peace effected by Grace. So, while our felt-need for peace can inspire our seeking, in conscious openness we open not to seek peace but to be born again within God, the Fount of Peace. Having the Fount, we have all flowing from the Fount. So, do we will for peace? Then, we will to return to the union with Grace that leads us out of our self-life into finding our natural Home in God, or the Fount. We could pray, then, "My will for peace, my God, is most truly my will for You, and, You, I do indeed most will, for You most will me to live within You and be with you."

Gate gate pāragate

*Move cursor over pictures for photographer and title. Lotus of the Heart is given by a Hospice Chaplain, who offers this Work to encourage in a spiritual, inclusive life to embody and encourage peace among all, as each is an expression of one Grace, a single, sacred Life.


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