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Love Opens Love

A Poem Not To Understand

Jun 25, 2017

Saying For Today: No more sanctuaries/Will block the Sun/Kissing my enraptured lips.


We Share One Life, We Are One Life

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


* * *

Faith is not the clinging to a shrine but
the endless pilgrimage of the heart.

*Abraham Joshua Heschel, Rabbi, Philosopher, Theologian,
Professor of Jewish Mysticism (b.1907)

* * *

Love Opens Love:
A Poem Not To Understand

By Brian K Wilcox

Two kids playing dating~
Get over it
Grow up

Do you
Think the
Beloved is longing for
Your mind or your heart?
Tamed dogma or ardent passion?

You might, actually,
Learn how to live with Grace
If you could ever get over

The stairs you climb
To Light
Are not to become an
Idol to keep you out of
The Sun’s arms.

Prayers will be
Words cold until
Faces are aglow from
Last night~

Turn up the Wine Glass
Drink!~but not just any wine~
Some wine just makes you frigid and sleepy~
Maybe, for once, you
Can forget yourself inside the
Red, Spinning Galaxy.

Quit adoring
The Sun's Rays
Open your mouth,
Unapologetically, unselfconsciously,unabasedely
~Guilt has no place Here~
Drink it~

Don't give
A thought to what
They~the tepid sippers~

Look toward all
Those who disdained
Your fervent affections
Smile and Glow.

There are Love games only
Those who have learned Being know~
“Silence… some ears can’t bear this Poem
Without thinking
'He’s crazy!'"

At least
I’m a Lover
I'm alive
I'm real
How about

Cold dogma
Religious arrogance
Pale tradition
Life-suffocating piety
Preachers giving speeches
That’s crazy. Real crazy!

Blossom opening up
Sky raining Radiance
Stars dancing on my face
The Moon smiles and says, “Hi!”
I cry, “Beloved!”

Sparks, each carrying one name of That
No wonder Moses dropped face and shoes
No wonder Peter wanted to stay atop the mount;
So, how do we stay so dispassionate
In the Presence?

My heart is
No more sanctuaries
Will block the Sun
Kissing my enraptured lips.

Eyes close
Mind can’t contain this Beauty!
Heart can’t hold this Grace!
Self cannot remain quiet~
I must exclaim, in the Silence,

I became blind
To see
I dropped my garb
To stand in the Sun Light naked for Her~
After all, what She wants is honesty
Right?~So Here I AM!

Eat figs
But throw away
The fig leaves~
They will only make
You itch.

Unless you can freely cry out “My God!”
You're still playing with religion
You’ve never made Love with the Spirit
Never fallen like a gladdened drop
Into the Red World.

Do you play
The Flute for the
Friend at night?

Your problem?
You’ve never lost

Conventional religion
Weird metaphysics
Stale bread...

Why swim
In a muddy pond
When you can sink to the bottom
Of the Ocean, still
Breathing? Smiling, Intoxicated...

Get up
Dance on this Floor
Until your ideas sink into your heart
And you see into every good you know
A Face laughing back at you, crying out,
“I’ve been waiting, just for you, so long.

Sweet tasting freedom!
Rose colored Life!

Eternity just unfurled
Sacred and secular snuggled close
Up to each other, closing their eyes,
And that One and I~
Blissful Forgetfulness~
At last!

Someone said,
“There’s an odd but wonderful
Presence swimming in these

Never been Here

A shadow
Just looked from
Around that corner…
Now, it is walking
Out to me~No death!

Don’t try to understand
This poem
I would have
Added footnotes
If understanding
Would unlock a heart to
Such Love.

all else,

Listen to
The Whisper
Follow the breath
One will tell you what
To do.

Now, hurry! Throw yourself into the Surf
Be taken by the Tide
Beyond the horizon
Of everything you thought you knew~
Live It.

Don’t come
Back here
Not even to the "God" you knew.

I’m exhausted~
Such being with You
Keeps taking my breath
Away Somewhere.

I love you~
Is all I can say.

To Brian
"Brian,forget all else,
but Love; all else
were only steps to drop you
off into this Place
with Me."

The Sun, Your Beloved

Have I shown you
enough of my heart,


©Brian Kenneth Wilcox 2017. Brian is a Hospice Chaplain, living out his vow to serve all living beings by serving those preparing to die and their friends and family. Brian lives a vowed life, alone in a quasi-hermitic life, and integrates varied religions, but most especially the contemplative paths of Buddhism and his native faith, Christianity. Brian received a 'mystical' Christ-experience at age 9, and was introduced to a peace untouched by pain and suffering. Later, in his mid-30s, after surviving a dark night of despair, Brian was vowed to a contemplative Christian way of life on St. Matthew's Feast day, 1995, by Greenbough House of Prayer, in Georgia, USA. This began many years of ardent reading, spiritual practice, and exploration of many spiritual paths, including publication of his book An Ache for Union: Poems on Oneness with God through Love. The Journey has led Brian to the joy beyond the ache, a contentment in experiential union with Grace. Brian lives with the affirmation that Love, not as emotion but Divine Presence, transcends all paths of religion and is our Source and Destination. As St. Paul writes in the Christian Bible, "Now remain always, faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love." Peace to All!

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