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These Startling Unveilings

Truth ... Such Exquisite Beauty

Apr 14, 2016


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Living in Love beyond Beliefs

Frozen Silhouette

Revelation always comes as somewhat of a shock, not only to the person who receives the revelation, but also to those with whom it is shared. It is the nature of revelation to be shocking and startling because when it hits up against our cherished beliefs, we become conscious of the degree to which our minds have been conditioned by the opinions and theories current in human thinking, and suddenly realize the extent of our unenlightenment.

*Joel S. Goldsmith. The Thunder of Silence.

* * *

I recall vividly the sense of isolation in my mid-to-late 30s while attending an evangelical Christian seminary, when my mind opened to fresh, exciting Truth. I was in doctoral studies, and my mind seemed to be unhinged - the door to new information wide open -, and I was enjoying it. I was not, however, enjoying the realization that I knew no one to turn to that was like unhinged for Truth.

A friend and fellow-student commented that he did not accept anything but what he had already been taught, unless solid evidence was presented otherwise. I could not see where he had solid evidence to support most of the belief system he clung to. So, why cling to assumptions? I thought. And my approach was simply to welcome any potential new data that might deepen my love for and relationship with Truth. I was thrilled with the sense of discovery, but in the mind was awareness of the potential professional and vocational consequences - proven true over the years, and far more than I fathomed then.

A professor made a startling confession. He was speaking to some of us outside an educational building, when he calmly noted that he did not open up to any new insight that might expose him to those who were so closely scrutinizing the views of professors in the denomination then. He was aware that adopting new views might lead to his loss of career - and a number of professors, over the denominational seminaries, were released. I myself, only about seven years later, resigned, indirectly consequent of the theological duress directed at me through the administration of the college where I served as a professor in the Religion and Philosophy Department. I, only after resignation, was informed of the pressure from area clergypersons put on administration to fire me. I was on their 'heretic list,' apparently. That I loved Jesus and Truth, did not seem to matter.

Possibly, I was and am an exception. For me, revelation has been, for the most part, startling in a positive sense. I have seen the fresh unveiling of the single Truth, and I fell in love many years ago with the Process. Yet, I do recall standing in my office, when a professor, and wishing the unveilings would stop. For with each unfolding of fresh, new insight that would open me more beyond the boundaries I had been given, the fresh unveiling would require another painful stretching of boundaries of inclusion in thought and relationship with others, and exposure to the religious 'heretic hunters.' I lost the battle, gladly, and kept unhinged to Truth and, thankfully now, did lose my place in the religious sect I was raised in from childhood, educated in, and credentialed in for professional ministry.

I never know what will be a new unfoldment from Truth. The Journey I relish, and am thankful for. I do not regret the unveilings. Truth has loved me, and I have loved Truth. For Truth is more than Idea, Truth is Relationship. And the truth unveiled by Truth is revelation of Grace, a personal-yet-impersonal, so more, Intimacy. Truth is a startling, unfathomable Beauty beyond all other we call beautiful. Yes, Truth can be felt as threatening, but need not, for Truth is Beneficent to all, and leads from love to love, in Love.


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