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Welcomed into Eden

Unmediated Presence

Apr 7, 2010

Welcome to OneLife Ministries. This site is designed to lead you prayerfully into a heart experience of Divine Presence, Who is Love. I hope persons of varied wisdom paths will find inspiration here.

Brian Kenneth Wilcox
MDiv, MFT, PhD
Interspiritual Teacher, Author

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What in the name of God is going on? But it's gone on, it's a done deal. I'm given something that won't be taken, not even when I die.

*Jan Frazier. When Fear Falls Away.

* * *

I ached for Life
you held out to me bread
saying, “Eat”

I longed for Love
you offered me a sacred book
saying, “Read”

I sought for Grace
you handed me a creed
saying, “Believe”

Shallow waters cannot satisfy
a Lover panting to plunge into the
Depths of Union

A cloudy, dark sky
hides the Sun
I have cried out for -
nothing else
will satisfy

Jesus holds out his hands
fingers around a beating heart
saying, “Brian, take all of it”

I am a beggar for
the living Treasure
I no more seek mere shadows
of the Light

I am listening for
the source of the sound in the music
I no more rest content with
the opus only ears hear

I looked back inside Eden
Christ said, “Why stand outside?
Come on in, friend!
Welcome home!”

Some gaze at the Icon
I just dived in
and became the Face
I long had adored

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox. April 6, 2010.

What does not come into a person's imagination is called a “gift” because whatever passes through his or her imagination is in proportion to the person's aspiration and worth. However, God's gift is in proportion to God's worth. Therefore, the gift is that which is suitable to God, not what is suitable to the imagination or ambition of God's servant. “What no eye has seen nor ear heard nor has occurred to the mind of a person” - that is, no matter how much eyes have seen, ears heard, or minds conceived the gift you expect of Me, My gift is above and beyond all that.

*Rumi. The Rumi Collection. Ed. K. Helminski.

* * *

In all your seeking, what are you really seeking?

©Brian Wilcox, and OneLife Ministries. 04/06/2010

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*OneLife Ministries is a ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox, SW Florida. Brian lives a vowed life, as an Associate of Greenbough House of Prayer. He lives with his two doggie friends, Bandit Ty and St. Francis. He is a member of “United Communities of Spirit: A Global Interfaith Initiative,” for advancing understanding and peace among persons of different faiths and beliefs. Brian is a member of the on-line networks “Guru” and “Peace for the Soul: A Common Space for Harmonic Peacemakers.” OneLife Ministries seeks to share the spirit of unity among all peoples of faith and humanity as a whole.

*Brian welcomes responses to his writings at briankwilcox@yahoo.com . Also, Brian is on Facebook: search Brian Kenneth Wilcox.

*You can order his book An Ache for Union from major booksellers.


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