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One with the Light of Life

The Flower of Light Meditation

Apr 2, 2007

Saying For Today: Your body, yes, your flesh, is a sacred vessel of Divine Light.

Thought For Today

Your body, yes, your flesh, is a sacred vessel of Divine Light. This Light is the Energy of Pure Spirit sourcing and permeating everything. Your intent in God is to invite that Life-giving Light into body, mind, and soul daily. Then, you will be able, without even trying, to share the Wonderful Warmth of love, joy, and peace by your be-ing among others.

Scripture~John 8.12 (NLV)

Jesus spoke to all the people, saying, "I am the Light of the world. Anyone who follows Me will not walk in darkness. He will have the Light of Life."

Meditation Exercise~The Flower of Light

The Christ Light, to me, is what Tibetan Buddhist, Tulku Thondup, in Boundless Healing, calls "the blessing light." He writes regarding meditation on the healing energy of the blessing light...

"Your body has transformed into a body of blessing energy, heat and bliss, blissful heat. Your whole body from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, is totally transformed into a body of blessing energies."

Now, proceed into your usual practice of meditation by closing the eyes and breathing from the diaphragm, just above the abdomen.

Invite the Christ Presence to share with you the bliss and warmth of Love. Do this silently.

After relaxing, and focusing, imagine a stem and flower bud in the center of your chest~this signifies the Heart.

Notice this bud is teeming with vibrating, warm Energy. You see within the thin covering of the bud the moving Light. You sense it is a loving Light.

Slowly, the bud opens. The bud becomes a beautiful flower of Pure Light. The Light is full of Life, and the Light is of the purest quality and joy. The Light has personality, and you know this is what you mean by "God" or "Christ" or "Holy Spirit." Really, you sense there are no words for this Blissful and Healing Love.

For a time, you enjoy this flower of Pure Light. And, you notice the Presence of Light now becoming larger. You watch as it covers your body, slowly, sharing Itself with you.

Finally, this blissful Self-Generating Light, the Presence of Christ-Love, fills and surrounds you. The Light gives the warm and reinvigorating energies of love, joy, and peace. You are calm, and you simply let yourself relax in Bliss Light. You yourself become this Light, so that there is no separation between you and the Light.

After a while, you let this Light dissipate, for you let it return to the flower and, then, the bud. Then, the bud is no more.

Now, in thankfulness and rest in the imageless Loving-Light, enjoy silence and contemplation. When thoughts enter your mind, release them and return to the blissful silence.

Suggested Reflection

Referring back to the Scripture, what does it mean to you that Christ is the Light of the world? And, what does it mean for you that you can "have" the "Light of Life"?

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