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Precious Passing Moment

The One I Love

Mar 12, 2013


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of The Lotus Fellowship

I AM is Everyone

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

Asian Dreams

*Asian Dreams, Butch Osborne, Flickr

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This moment passing

each moment more precious
each breath more precious

everyone in my life more precious
when realizing this moment is passing

precious moment never to come again
precious moment to let go of the past
precious moment to keep open the heart
precious moment to give love and receive love

*The Lotus Fellowship

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*Tenderness, Dimitry Fomenko, Flickr


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A monk begins a long pilgrimage to find the Buddha. He devotes many years to his search. Finally, he reaches the land where the Buddha was said to live. While crossing the river to this country, the monk looks around as the boatman rows. He notices something floating towards them. As it gets nearer, he realizes that it is the corpse of a person. The corpse drifts so close that he can almost touch it. The man, suddenly, recognizes the dead body. The corpse is his own! He losses all control and wails at the sight of himself, still and lifeless, drifting along the river currents. That moment was the start of his liberation.

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*Lotus Flower Sketch..., Bahman Farzad, Flickr

Lotus Flower Sketch  / Black & White / - IMGP0105

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

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