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Pure Prayer and Oneness (Revised)

Amrit Kirtan and Mool Mantra

Mar 25, 2013


This is a revised version of the website presentation of March 24, 2013. This edition results from a site error that disallowed reopening the editing page to edit the previous presentation, which included only part of the Mool Mantra translation. Thank You!

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*Tenderness, Dimitry Fomenko, Flickr

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Mool Mantra ~ Translation

Punjabi to English

Ek Onkar ~ There is only One Source
Sat Naam ~ Truth is That One's Name
Karta Purkh ~ That One is Creator
Nir Bhau ~ That One is without fear
Nir Vair ~ That One is without hate
Akaal Moorat ~ That One is immortal, formless
Ajooni ~ That One is beyond birth and death
Saibhang ~ That One is Self-Shining
Gur Parsaad ~ That One is realized by the true Guru
Jap ~ Embrace That One's Meditation
Aad Sach Jugaad Sach ~ True in the beginning, True through all ages
Hai bhee sach Naanak hosee bhee sach ~
True that One is Now, True That One will always be, O Nanak!

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*Buddha, Kujiranoai, Flickr


not something to get
not something to achieve
only receive
only receive

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

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