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The Harmonizing Power

A Universal Love Song

Feb 23, 2016


All is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

Love is not selective
Love sees through Love
not our personalities

Diversity arises from Oneness
Oneness is Love
Love is Oneness

Returning to One
you return to EveryOne

My detachment is not avoidance of the tensions and sufferings inside, both those common to all and resulting from a choice to follow Jesus. Rather, freedom and detachment is a chosen, conscious, and freely offered immersion in life - bliss and suffering, and all in between. Somewhere, I find the space within to relate with suffering as natural to this Way. To desire neither suffering nor non-suffering, but to remain open wholly to God-in-Christ, and in this to be open to life as I meet it daily within and without leads to a willing sacrifice of my small will to the greater Will, and out of love for others. And that greater Good is the Will of God, the good of the other, and my good, together in a harmony of Loving. Love, then, is not merely the feeling or ideal of Love; Love is the harmonizing Power which lifts me beyond suffering and bliss into a higher Order Union with the Heart of Christ. Then, I am in Love, truly. I do not know how to live this; I can only surrender to Grace and seek forgiveness from others and God, when I see I have failed. Even in failure, I seek to retain the pure intent of Grace, and may God help.

*Feb 2, 2010

* * *

In union with Christ, the One in Whom we are brought to the Source, one is denuded of all claim to have love to give anyone. Only the Love of the Source, or Love Itself, can love freely and fearlessly. I am receptive and honor that persons of no religion or varied spiritual paths may word this Reality I call Christ differently. Yet, by whatever name, That is the Truth I know as Christ, and, I pray wordlessly, loves, meaning that I myself do not love, but that Love loves. The expression of Love most needed by others, beyond body and mind, is arising directly from the Other, our Center, in and through the beautiful tapestry we are in and by Love. Yes, there are lesser expressions of loving than this Pure Love, but they are limited always by the self. We pray to receive and have shared through us a selfless Love, a Love we cannot give, but arises from Grace to Grace. At some point in spiritual Evolution, there is nothing, not even Love, to claim as in anyway belonging to or arising from the self. Love happens from the pure subjectivity of Love Itself. Love, we see then, is Love loving Itself.

Rose Buddha

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