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a self-wholly undivided

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This body is not, then, a haven from being limited together in space and time. The body, with its identity, is not merely a spiritual springboard to leap to spirit. "Flesh" and "spirit" or a whole together, so holy, and responsive to each other; we are unable to identify them as the same, unable to separate them into an opposition. The apostle Paul, in the Christian Scripture, well spoke of this within us that can be here and there, both in and outside time and space, at once seen and unseen... Even though I am absent from you in body, I am with you in spirit [Greek pneuma, spirit, or Spirit].... So, for Paul being-with others was not limited by the body, even as we, being embodied, are not limited to the boundaries of the body. By going into the body, in full acceptance, we find we are embodied spirit, though we name that "spirit" in many diverse ways. And, in spirit, all our words, anyway, burn to ashes in the presence of Mystery.

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So, in the body, we return to the beginning always, regardless of how far we seem to travel, how much we discover along the way, and Way, finding that in the return to the beginning, we return to Love, a Love present already to and for us, yet a Love we cannot name, even as we cannot give a lasting name to anything. Yet, we grow to cherish the beauty of what we cannot know, so know, and love.

If you return to the very first stage of the expression of your life, you touch that all-embracing love. Immediately love penetrates you. That is real love. Real love is very deep, profound, and sublime. We donít know what it is intellectually, but we can experience it because we are already there.
*Dainin Katagiri. The Light That Shines through Infinity: Zen and the Energy of Life.

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*Brian Wilcox. "an eloquent silence". Flickr.

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*"Christian scriptures "Is Christ divided?," is in I Corinthians 1.13; quote from Jesus is from Gospel of John 17.20-26; citation "... with you in spirit ..." is from Colossians 2.5.

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