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our face and our Face

a self-wholly undivided

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Why escape either into
the truth as absolute
or the truth as relative,
when truth is not divided?
when who I am cannot be apart
from what I have been called?
when what I wish to get to
cannot not be the place from which
I am trying to get there?

Possibly, we can see all this as a dance
the play happening within reality
and honor the misadventure as part of the adventure
a way Grace urges us toward Grace,
while being the Grace that is already here doing the urging.

* * *

Possibly, at times
we are resting in who we are absolutely
cherishing we are I am with everyone
honoring our universality

Possibly, at other times
we are resting in who we are relatively
cherishing this human identity
honoring our particularity

Possibly, at times
we are simply resting naturally
grateful to Life for life
and the blessings given along the way

* * *

As human beings, we each unfold over time, we cannot not for all is in movement, all nature is developmental. A tree is process, a cloud is process, we are all in-process. There is no problem with taking the journey to a destination, one that deepens our experience of the absolute, especially as most persons are socialized into a full identity with the relative. Yet, if we follow the wisdom, we will find, thankfully, what we have come to know more intimately by following, we have known and been known by all along the way. We will know and be able to affirm, "I cannot not be who I am." We will know we are I am, not simply I am I am. That some feel a need to take this journey and engage practices of faith, or spirituality, is simply the urge to realize in the human form, the relative self, the truth. One can come to realize spiritual practice is simply that ~ not to get anything, only to sensitize the self to the truth, then to celebrate the truth.

Few will enjoy a True Face, beyond his or her face,
unless he or she goes deeply, over time,
into his or her face.


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > Identity as Nondual > Page 3

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