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Speck of Dust Lost in the Sunlight

Tasting Heaven

Feb 18, 2017


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs


Loving the Divine
is like the man who was in bed
with his wife. He kept talking;
finally, she said, “Dear, would you please
just shut up and make Love
to me!”

Fall through the words
into the Body; drop all thought
and penetrate within the rind. That is
what Love-making is all about, and
more. But I will remain silent about
the more.

No great lover is a great
lover because he has mastered
the theories of other lovers, any more
than a poet is great for he can quote
great poems.

The great lover is the one
who practices, the one who makes
an artwork out of loving. He longs for
the Body of the Friend, knowing that loving Her
makes him a better lover for Her.

Once, a Master instructed his
disciple, who complained of
his struggles at spiritual practice.
The Master said, “Son, just knowing
how to pucker up the lips, that is a
good beginning.”

Loving God and other, one Loving;
always a beginner,
ready to give and receive more.

Doing is the way beyond
self, and being a speck of Dust
lost in the Sunlight is already
to taste Heaven.

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox. Jan, 4, 2010


©Brian Kenneth Wilcox 2017. Brian is a Hospice Chaplain, living out his vow to serve all living beings by serving those preparing to die and their friends and family. Brian lives a vowed life, alone in a quasi-hermitic life, and integrates varied religions, but most especially the contemplative paths of Buddhism and his native faith, Christianity. Brian received a 'mystical' Christ-experience at age 9, and was introduced to a peace untouched by pain and suffering. Later, in his mid-30s, after surviving a dark night of despair, Brian was vowed to a contemplative Christian way of life on St. Matthew's Feast day, 1995, by Greenbough House of Prayer, in Georgia, USA. This began many years of ardent reading, spiritual practice, and exploration of many spiritual paths, including publication of his book An Ache for Union: Poems on Oneness with God through Love. The Journey has led Brian to the joy beyond the ache, a contentment in experiential union with Grace. Brian lives with the affirmation that Love, not as emotion but Divine Presence, transcends all paths of religion and is our Source and Destination. As St. Paul writes in the Christian Bible, "Now remain always, faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love." Peace to All!


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