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Pure ~ before pure and impure

ecstatic moments with the Beautiful

Feb 15, 2019

Saying For Today: We need to allow time and silence to soak in the Mystery that has visited us, incarnated before us, surrounded us in its Majesty.

natural elegance

*Brian Wilcox. "natural elegance". Flickr.

Reality is infinite, thus unseizable. We cannot take hold of it. We can only allow ourselves to be seized.

*Jean Klein. Be Who You Are.

* * *

the pure
is attracted to
the pure

in a
natural communion
of being

this purity
an absence that is absence
for being Presence

this purity
being wonderful
without having to have a wonderful experience

this purity
pure for being the natural effulgence
of the Pure

The naturally, unborn Pure, whether we read this as a Higher Being, in a theistic sense, or a timeless quality, as true in much oriental thought, can inspire from us varied feelings and responses. And, as to Higher Being, assigning personality to This, or not, such as in seeing this Pure in an abstract way, ... the Pure is free, so pure, of being assigned either. To name the Mystery, is to move away from the Mystery. Innocence remains unspoken, regardless of how much It is talked about.

* * *

An example of Pure has been this winter, here in Maine. I moved from Florida in October, renting a cottage on Georgetown Island, near Bath and north of Portland. I had never lived north of Georgia, in the deep South of the United States, and had never been in this part of the county. I loaded up my truck and moved from living off a highway, with noise of traffic all day and well into the night, to the quiet of the wood and a cottage bounded by a river basin in front and back. Skirting the basin in the back is a trail. I have walked it many times, and there have been times I have stopped, and being overcome with the beauty, wept aloud, at other times, I have laughed gleefully.

One could say, the weeping and laughter has been for no reason at all, so spontaneous; or, an uncontrived ritual in the Temple of Nature. When I reflected on these moments of spontaneous awe and joy, at first the word 'beauty' was the sense of what led to these interludes of ecstasy; on further reflections, I have come to see this beauty is beautiful for pure. Pure is beautiful, Beauty is beautiful for pure.

The Pure is the Beautiful for being what it is, no additives, no enhancements, no make-up, so to speak. So, we sense, at times, a person is beautiful, in some unspeakable way, for the person is unguarded, presents free of trying to appear to be any way, so is able to express naturally, summoning us to our natural being. This is beauty. This is not anyone or anything trying to be any way, but expressing naturally, for expressing without an agenda to manipulate. This is Love, in unspeakable simplicity, saying, "Here I am!"


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