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The Note

A Creative Unfolding

Jan 25, 2024

* * *

A comment on an artist, following one of his songs in video -

When I listen to your music it seems that God speaks through it to my soul.

* * *

When I pray, coincidences happen.

*William Temple (1628-1669), Archbishop of Canterbury

* * *

Think of the universe as an eternal creative unfolding.

Trees blossom.

Cells replicate.

Rivers forge new tributaries.

The world pulses with productive energy, and everything that exists on this planet is driven by that energy.

Every manifestation of this unfolding is doing its own work on behalf of the universe, each in its own way, true to its own creative impulse.

Just as trees grow flowers and fruits, humanity creates works of art. The Golden Gate Bridge, the White Album, Guernica, Hagia Sophia, the Sphinx, the space shuttle, the Autobahn, “Clair de lune,” the Colosseum in Rome, the Phillips screwdriver, the iPad, Philadelphia cheesesteak.

*Rick Rubin. The Creative Act: A Way of Being.

* * *

It was a Sunday morning in October 2008. I was serving as pastor of a Christian congregation in central Florida. I got to our sanctuary early to prepare myself for the Worship.

A few days before, I had felt the church was falling apart around me, and I, as a spiritual leader, felt I could do little about it. I was told that several people were leaving and that some were displeased with me. I had gotten resignations from several persons, strongly conservative, quitting our congregation apparently from a loss of faith in the larger denomination, the United Methodist Church. Our congregation was already a small church, so even the loss of a few could seem like way too much.

This Sunday, I was concerned that almost no one would be in Worship - based on the "bad weather" forecasts of a few people. I was tired, having been up until 5 AM after losing my morning message on the computer and having to redo it.

Then, standing behind the lectern before the beginning of Worship, I opened the hymnal sitting on it. Someone had placed a card inside the back cover. The note was unsigned.

For My Secret Pal -
God bless you Wait
and see what the Lord
will and can do.
Your Secret
Peace & Love.

In the Worship meeting, the congregant who was to give her testimony to the congregation, a first in this new aspect of our morning Worship, stood up and said what she had planned to say was not what she would say. She had been awakened at midnight, and the Spirit led her to give a witness to the power of prayer. I smiled widely. The week prior I had preached on that same subject.

I affirmed the testimony, and so did the people. And, later, I shared with the congregation the message left inside the hymnal. I told them I did not know who it was from or whether it was intended for me. Still, there it was. At least then, it was for me.

* * *

We live within creative energies. We ourselves are those energies, too. Creativity is integral to all life forms, whether a baby or a chair, a lovely poem or toilet paper. Our role is to align with Source, not merely as a substantive - something, someone - and past tense - created - but as process - creating.

When we align with Life, we can relax and remain open to Source, expectant. Life speaks, and Life moves. Source does not merely create for us; we create with Source. Source is not separate from what Source does, likewise with us.

A key is to become united to what we do. Then, that we are is in harmony with that we do. Being-as-agency arises as our natural way of walking the Way. Sacred unfolding, effortless, even when with effort, appears from Nowhere.

So, this writing arises from Nowhere. This writing goes to Nowhere. Yet, it never was not, and it will never not be. All arising is potential in Source.

Again, we align with Source, being porous at the level of matter-and-mind, our being and our doing the conduit and manifestation of the Effulgence of that Life. Then, we discern how different beings are shining Light at different intensities, qualities. Our intent is to co-create as a means of this manifestation, not simply to produce something. Our work is to point beyond ourselves. Let the Waters pass through your hands.

* * *

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*Brian's book is An Ache for Union: Poems on Oneness with God through Love. The book is a collection of poems Brian wrote based on wisdom traditions, predominantly Christian, Buddhist, and Sufi, with extensive notes on the poetry's teachings and imagery.


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