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Grace beyond Beliefs

The Prayerful Life No. 140

Jan 20, 2015

All is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

We Share One Life, We Are One Life

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*My Salutations to Thee, Pallab Seth, Flickr

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Why should any man have power over any other man's faith, seeing Christ Himself is the author of it?

*George W. Fox, Founder of Quakers

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One of the things I most enjoy about being a Chaplain is relating with acceptance to persons of many different faiths. Trained to manipulate others into the faith given me as a child, like a religious salesperson, the apparent denial of love such is became clearer and clearer as my own mind and heart was drawn into the Flame of Love - Christ. This Flame burns away that not of Christ, and cleanses our "seeing" to see others through the purity and kindness of the Heart of Christ. A painful transformation this, but the consequence bliss.

Acceptance does not mean I offer mental agreement. Rather, I submit heart to a more subtle but truer agreement, that is agreement to the sacredness within the other person as person, regardless of whether I agree with the content or practices of his or her faith. This same pertains to those who do not confess any religious faith. To say, as is the theme of this ministry, Living in Love beyond Beliefs, means just that, but not a denial of the need to discern and recognize that not all faith expressions are healthy and not all are of Grace.

I honor Truth by honoring the right of other persons and communities to seek Truth as best they know. I, also, have the intellectual honesty to know that we need not honor any expression of faith that brings unjust harm or unkind judgment on others, regardless of its claims to divine origin.

Prayerfulness leads us to this Love, and to this discernment in Love. Prayerfulness leads beyond toleration to affirmation of the sacred rights and responsibilities of others. Grace is beyond beliefs, so, grace-fulness to others is not defined by or limited by beliefs.

I as much honor Truth by affirming those who deny Truth as those who affirm Truth. This to me, obviously contrary to many who use the word "Christ," is the Way of Christ among us, and for us as a human community sharing this planet for a time.

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You



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