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Mystery and Mystery

Adoring and Loving the Ineffable

Jan 14, 2011

Welcome to OneLife Ministries, an online ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox Ministries and Love Light Fellowship. This site is here to lead you into a heart experience of Divine Presence, Who is Love. We recognize “that of the Sacred in each one” and celebrate the diversity of expressions of our Oneness in Divine Grace. We are for peace and nonviolence, and equal rights and justice for all. I hope persons of varied wisdom paths will find inspiration here. Welcome!

Brian Kenneth Wilcox
MDiv, MFT, PhD
Interspiritual Teacher, Author, Chaplain, Spiritual Counselor-Healer

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Entering the Inner Sanctuary

Enter this sanctuary time by settling down, becoming quiet, and breathing deeply a few breaths. Remind yourself you are in the Presence of Love. This place you are entering, within, is the inner Temple. Here, you are One with Spirit and all persons, and Nature. You may use a mantra, or prayer phrase, follow the breathing in-and-out, or witness the arising and falling of all around you as the manifestation of universal-Grace. Enjoy these moments of Quiet and come out when you are ready.

*Micheal W. Smith. “Oh Draw Me, Lord.”

Spiritual Teaching

The True Self is our participation in the Divine Reality enfolding and filling all with Life. There is no where to find the True Self. This Self is neither inside nor outside. This Self is neither individual nor communal. This Self is not even a Self, in the ways we think of a self. How can we speak of such Mystery, except in words partly true, partly false?

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox. Founder, Love Light Fellowship

Francis of Assisi would repeat over and over, at spaced intervals, a brief prayer reflecting awareness of the Mystery of the Divine. He prayed: “O my God, Who art Thou? And Who am I?”

Spirit is the Totally Other and the Fully Immanent. We hold this Truth in tension. Even in being fully present, the Divine Presence is Fullness-Inaccessible.

Francis' prayer can be taken in two ways. First, as an admission of the smallness of the self before the Infinite Companion. However, I invite you to see the prayer otherwise, and a way that is equally true. “Who am I?” entails coming into awareness of the Divine Mystery is entering into the Mystery of the I AM that I am.

When we worship, we can experience One Mystery. This Mystery means both the Spirit and the I, or the True Self, are equally ineffable. When we adore and love the One, we adore and love our True Self, also.


Reflect prayerfully on how OneLife's message today applies to you. What is meant by Mystery? How do you express awareness of the Mystery of the Divine? The Mystery of others? The Mystery you Are?

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Brian Kenneth Wilcox

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