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Glimpses through a Window (No. 5)

Jan 14, 2024

Reflections from my life and work to encourage the reader to think. But not too much. After all, thinking is only needed until it is not needed... and, then, needed again. So, please think until the shades are no longer drawn over the Window. Two words to leave with you before you proceed: Wisdom shines!

* * *

I was glad that I was commanded to turn people to that inward light, spirit, and grace, by which all might know their salvation, and their way to God; even that divine Spirit which would lead them into all Truth, and which I infallibly knew would never deceive any.

*George Fox 1624-1691. Founder of Quakers (Society of Friends). From "Inner Light." Wikipedia.

* * *

Spirituality? Religion? Religious?

Spirituality is more what you bring from within to what you do than what you do. Hatha Yoga, for example, is no more spiritual than attending Mass is religious simply by attending Mass. Climbing a tree or cleaning a restroom can be spiritual, if you bring to the action that indicated by the words spirit and Spirit (spirit-uality). Drinking a cup of tea can be a meeting with God as much as imbibing Eucharistic wine. Yet, drinking tea can just be drinking tea. Regardless, it's all about something you bring to what you do. And what you bring has to be cultivated within - you can't turn on spirituality or religiousness like flipping a light switch or turning the ignition of your vehicle - the Way does not work that way.

* * *

People like to say, "I'm spiritual, not religious."

Okay, and what does that mean? So, you're saying they are two, not one? Very interesting - that doesn't sound spiritual or religious.

* * *


People like to talk eloquently of oneness, like cutting off one pants leg and walking with one leg. I prefer walking with both legs and a pair of pants with two pants legs, even though I believe absolutely there is only one leg.

As long as we're here, we cannot escape duality, nor need we. Rather, we need to enjoy duality. Dive into the world and there find God.

* * *

Buddha is playing cards
in the outhouse again.

Will you join

please take him more incense -
he'd really appreciate it.

* * *

On stupid...

I started enjoying beer and whiskey years ago while working in hospice. I'd finally get home and, then, finally finish documenting. I'd sit and enjoy quietly a drink, exhausted from the long day. One night, for the first time in my life, I was really drunk. I went outside my house, walking to the opposite side of the road to put some leftover food for the critters. When walking disoriented back across the road, a car almost hit me.

Not many days after, I threw the last bottle of whiskey in the trash, saying goodbye to alcohol. I haven't had any since and don't have any wish to.

Now, I'm a herbal tea freak. That's better than being stupid - which I was when crossing that road.

Habits are okay, they just need to be wise habits - or at least not un-wise. Stupid equals stupid. Acting foolish is like thinking you can play in the briar patch and come out looking the same as when you went in. ... But are we any free of sometimes acting at least a little stupidly?

* * *

The wanker and the electric fence...

Sometimes, doing the wise thing is doing the obvious thing... or not doing the obvious thing... like when my brother showed off before us other little boys in the blueberry tree patch. He merrily pulled his wanker out and peed on the electric fence. Well, we all got a big laugh. Karma! Now, let's enjoy some chamomile tea - welcome!

* * *

Poem Feb. 2006...

I longed for the Ocean until
You splashed Water on my face

I admired clothing until
Your Breath blew it all away

I aspired for the Wine until
You emptied the bottle over me

I talked of love until, one Night,
I felt Your lips touch my lips

My longing was a cloud passing before the Sun until
Only the Light remained in the Sky

Why speak
When Your arms are drawing me to Your breasts?

Why talk of religion
With this Breath moving over me?

Why theorize about Jesus
When he is holding my hand?

Why wait for Heaven
When I'm already immersed in this Bliss?

* * *

*(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2024. Permission is given to use photographs and writings with credit given to the copyright owner.

*Brian's book is An Ache for Union: Poems on Oneness with God through Love. The book is a collection of poems Brian wrote based on wisdom traditions, predominantly Christian, Buddhist, and Sufi, with extensive notes on the poetry's teachings and imagery.


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