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Seeking the Source

Responding to the Divine Initiative

Jan 11, 2011

Welcome to OneLife Ministries, an online ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox Ministries and Love Light Fellowship. This site is designed to lead you prayerfully into a heart experience of Divine Presence, Who is Love. I hope persons of varied wisdom paths will find inspiration here.

Brian Kenneth Wilcox
MDiv, MFT, PhD
Interspiritual Teacher, Author, Chaplain, Spiritual Counselor-Healer

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Entering the Inner Sanctuary

Enter this sanctuary time by settling down, becoming quiet, and breathing deeply some breaths. Remind yourself you are in the Presence of Love. This place you are entering, within, is the inner Temple, where you are One with God. You may wish to use a mantra, or prayer phrase, follow the breathing in-and-out, or witness the arising and falling of all around you as the manifestation of universal-Spirit. Enjoy these moments of quietly settling and come out when you are ready.

*Jaci Velasquez. "Sanctuary."

Spiritual Teaching

A Jewish Hasidic story tells of a rabbi's son drenched in tears from a game of hide-and-go-seek with other children in the neighborhood. His father asked, "What is the matter, my son?" The son said, "Father, I hid, but no one bothered to seek me."

The rabbi pulled the boy close. He tenderly spoke, "My son, for the first time, possibly you can see how the dear LORD feels, for the Creator hides and waits in vain to be sought."

I seek, for I have been sought after.

*brian kenneth wilcox


Reflect prayerfully on how OneLife's message today applies to you. What does it mean to seek the Divine? In what ways do you seek Spirit?

OneLife Ministries is an independent ministry, but not presently having nonprofit legal status. Love gifts to support the spiritual Work of Brian Kenneth Wilcox are appreciated.


Brian Kenneth Wilcox

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*OneLife Ministries is a ministry of Brian Kenneth Wilcox, SW Florida. You can order his book An Ache for Union from major booksellers. To book events with Brian, go to Facebook and his page Brian Kenneth Wilcox, or write him at briankwilcox@yahoo.com .


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