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Longing for the Diamond

One Desire

Jan 7, 2022

A Winding Road... Deerfield, MA

A Winding Road... Deerfield, MA

* * *

As long as
you hold tightly
to that rock,
the diamond
your heart longs for
will remain outside
the palm of your hand.

* * *

The visitor addressed the Sage -

Many say that we must transcend desire to enjoy union with the One, that desire is of the self. Is that true?"

You desire the Beloved to enter union with the Beloved. Does not two lovers' desire lead them beyond desire to oneness?

Does the desire remain after oneness?

In union, you no longer long for oneness. How can you long for what you already know you have? Desire, however, can still arise, for love enjoys its playfulness. In the union, desire arises from fullness and expresses it, while before desire stemmed from the illusion of separation. One can also desire a more profound experience of the union. Still, desire had a tone of grasping, while now it lacks that quality of desperation. In oneness, desire and the pursuit of the Beloved is the celebration of the union itself. To pursue the Beloved is the Beloved pursuing you. So, welcome to the dance.

What do you mean by separation being an illusion?

You long for the Beloved, for you are already the Beloved, meaning there is no separation. Your longing for union is not a sign of separation but of oneness your heart is aware of. The mind is the veil blocking the realization of what the heart knows. Clean the mirror of the mind, and it will reflect what the heart always knows.

One last question. Why is it some persons desire this union and some do not?

In the one who remains ignorant of the value of this union, all desire is a veiled desire for it. No one escapes longing for this. Thankfully, some recognize it for what it is and direct it rightly. Hence, any longing, however mundane, can be the door opening one to the realization that she is truly longing for union with Love Itself. All lesser loves then begin falling away. When one places all her lights in the radiance of the Sunlight, they become the Sunlight.

*Brian K. Wilcox. "Meetings with an Anonymous Sage."

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*©Brian K. Wilcox, 2022.

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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > Desire and Union

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