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The Feeling of Love

Love Outside and Inside

Jan 5, 2014

Saying For Today: Love Itself prepares us to receive more of Itself. We cannot get Love, we can only receive Love. And only Love can ready us for Love.


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Arem Nahariim-Samadhi

Arem, a vowed, eremitic Contemplative, offers an interspiritual work focusing on cultivating the Heart of Compassion. He integrates wisdom from the major spiritual Paths. To contact Arem, see the email address at the conclusion of this presentation. May you always know you are blessed!

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Red Stripy Rose - Close-up

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I Am Love;
Love I Am.


Many people believe that they understand about love. They believe that anyone can understand the fundamentals of loving. Yet, when we look around at the brokenness of our world, it seems clear that we do not know how to implement love. This inability strongly suggests that we might not know what love really is. This state of affairs is perfectly reasonable, if you think about it. Most things that are fundamental to our existence take a while to understand. … From the evidence around us, we must conclude that we do not know much about love.

*Ken Kaisch. Finding God. “Learning to Love.” 274-275.

Spiritual Teaching

With all the talk about Love, all the hymns about It, all the theology and philosophy about It, all the popular writings on It, all the poems about It, and all the popular music about It, are we, as Ken Kaisch writes, inept at knowing about and practicing Love? I could say "yes," I could say "no."

If I look at much of the Love I have given, often at personal cost for the good of others, I could say, "I am good at loving." Yet, if I look at other choices and acts of my life, I could say, "I know little about loving." Both are true. Now, magnify that to the world. So, yes, Kaisch is right, and, no, he overstates his point. We evidence the little we know about Love, but, then, we can demonstrate the heights of Love.

Today, I offer a practice writing – a mediation practice. Ken Kaisch calls this exercise "Receiving God's Love." I adapt his instructions.

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Why do this exercise? Love is not just a mental thing. We need to feel Love. We are mind, body, spirit; we need Love to fill mind and body. This exercise is to open to the feeling, the sensation, the intensity, and wonder of Love.

Opening to Love, we may be surprised at the power of Love. We may be surprised at how good Love feels. We may be surprised at how we both long for and resist Love.

Possibly, the wisest guidance we can receive about Love is simply to open heart and mind for Love Itself to give Itself to us. Love Itself prepares us to receive more of Itself. We cannot get Love, we can only receive Love. And only Love can ready us for Love. Then, we find that our essential Self is the Love we sought, and we were, therefore, seeking the Heart of everyone.


1.Position your body comfortably, spine erect, on a chair or cushion.

2.Ground yourself in your physical sensations. Close your eyes and slowly become aware of the sensations of the physical body. Feel the sensations moving through you … in your head … neck and shoulders … elbows … wrists and the palms … knees … ankles … soles of feet....

3.Move your attention to the region just below your navel, the heart region, or the center between the eyes and about one-half inch upward.

4.Acknowledge and feel the Universal Presence - as fits your understanding. You may do this by visualizing or feeling an aspect of Presence with which you are most comfortable, or both: the Creator, the Inner Light, the Divine Mother, the Heavenly Father, the Christ, the Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, Love - or any aspect personal, or otherwise, that you choose. Sit for a time in this sensation of Presence and feel the energy that radiates from It.

5.Become aware of the Love flowing from the Presence … flowing around you. Feel the power, texture, light, and warmth.

6.Let this Love flow inside you. Welcome however Love becomes present. Rest Here for a time.

7.When ready, come back to full, everyday consciousness – but slowly. Let the feeling return to each part of your body, before you get up.


What was the above experience of the practice "Receiving Divine Love" like for you? Would you like to practice this Practice more? If so, how do you see that it might help you learn more about Love?

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

*Photo, Angelito De Luz

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